About Us

Veronica Jorden – Founder

Sometimes the pursuit of one dream puts you on the path for another.

I have always been a fanatical reader. As an Air Force brat, I traveled the world and learned to entertain myself while my parents worked odd schedules. No matter where we lived or the time of day, books were a constant in my life. Stories became my escape, characters became my friends, and the adventures that unfolded on page after page inspired me to begin writing stories of my own.

I read tons of fiction, but also dove into biographies and history books. There was even a short period when I was convinced that I was going to be the first female fighter pilot and read more than my fair share of books on aircraft and flight dynamics. Fast forward through high school, college, a short stint in the Army, and three kids, and I finally found myself ready to devote my time and energy back into the one thing I had always wanted to do…write! I joined countless writing groups, spent hours laboring over character descriptions and plot outlines, but I was also spending a tremendous amount of time critiquing and giving feedback to other writers. I’d never really thought about being an editor, but after some serendipitous feedback from a fellow writer, the idea for this company was formed.

First Page, Last Page isn’t the only editing service out there, but it is, in my opinion, one of a kind. Our approach is one of collaboration and support. If you have the desire to tell a story and to write a book, we want to help. Never written anything before? No worries, we are happy to show you how to take your ideas and create something people want to read. Already have a list of publications under your belt? Fantastic, we want to be your second set of eyes and your cheerleading squad. No matter the story or your skill level, we want you to think of us as your go-to team, your back-up, your creative side-kick.

How about we make a deal? You bring your ideas, your words and your passion to write a book and we’ll bring nothing but honest, constructive feedback. Ready to get started? We’re ready whenever you are.